James Phillip Wright is in the business of creating beautiful, uniquely designed homes for his clients, and prides himself in a diversified body of work. An architect for more than 20 years, he has offices in both Northern and Southern California. Wright has created and remodeled numerous homes, varying in both architectural styles and degrees of complexity, including opulent mansions in Beverly Hills, cozy beach bungalows in Malibu, and sleek modern homes in San Francisco.

Wright has an innate understanding of classical architecture, and while he finds great reward in its application, he is more often drawn to the unique challenges of designing modern structures.

Regardless of style, his greatest desire is to design creative, site-specific homes that both fulfill the diverse needs of his clients and satisfy his own pursuit for building interesting and intelligent architecture.

Wright believes that often the most difficult and complicated circumstances lead to the most interesting and creative design solutions. His experience as a licensed general contractor since 1984 provides the design-build wisdom needed to execute his solutions.