> Heinz Blennemann
> Bryan Daniels
> Jeff & Wendy Pressman
> Karen and Steve Morlock

Heinz Blennemann's Letter

Working with James was the best part of our experience of building our house. As a home owner, during the design and building phase, I needed someone for design, coaching, and advice who was passionate about his work and who was affordable. In the end, we now have a house with a design that impresses visitors, sets it apart from other homes, has added equity values, and is fun to live in.

During the design phase, James would sit down with me to ask me about the overall style and functional requirements we had. Based on these inputs, he sketched multiple floor plans and showed me homes from his impressive portfolio. The floor plan we finally chose was a very creative one, in which James included a sweeping atrium with planter beds that tied the three floors together. I could not wait to see the actual implementation.

During the permitting phase, James was a terrific negotiator and helped me navigate through the permitting offices. Because of his own builder experience, he was able to anticipate and discuss the building implementation issues with the officials directly.

During the building phase, James helped me chose a contractor and impressed me by visiting me regularly and giving me invaluable advice on what the contractor and his subs could improve on. Since this was the first house construction I had ever been involved with, it was critical to have someone to balance the (biased) opinions of the main contractor, who was building the house for a fixed price.

When I look back, the most enjoyable times during the house construction were the ones designing and interacting with James. And in the end, our mediterranean-style house has a unique style that we get to enjoy daily.

Thanks so much James!

Heinz Blennemann
Los Altos Hills, California

Bryan Daniels' Letter

My quest for an architect, willing to collaborate with me and attempt to transform a traditional lake property into something unique and functional, ended when I was referred to James Wright of James Phillip Wright Architects. James' willingness to work on a remote project combined with his construction experience proved to be invaluable. We spent considerable time reviewing ideas and concepts I gathered from magazines, house tours, and other influences from my travels. James' passion to create artistic results successfully transformed many of my bold ideas into reality. During the design phase he worked with me to incorporate my vision and ultimately fulfill my needs and desires. Together we created unique solutions incorporating regional influence that finished off the design with a true mountain flavor. For example, he suggested we incorporate salvaged materials and components from a local lumber mill that was being demolished to be used as the design theme and aesthetic part of the home. James was very patient with the inevitable changes and challenges that are very common in a significant remodel project. He spent considerable time working with the contractor to overcome the "it's never been done before" objection. James' creative thinking, hands on construction experience and confidence to invent new solutions enabled me to build a spectacular vacation getaway.

Bryan Daniels
Lake Almanor, California

Jeff & Wendy Pressman's Letter

We want to express our gratitude to you for transforming our early 1970's fixer-upper into a home that belongs among those featured in Architectural Digest. There is not a person [including my very discerning mother] who has not been amazed by the difference between our "before" house and our "after" house. My decorator who has been in the business for nearly twenty years and who has certainly witnessed her share of remodels repeatedly tells me that she has never seen results more dramatic than ours.

Of course, Jeff and I are equally astonished by the transformation. We met with three architects before we met with you. Each of those architects merely attempted to put our vague ideas onto paper. None of those architects exhibited a shred of originality and, not surprisingly, their "plans" reflected that. Yet, after being in our home for only fifteen minutes, you exhibited your extraordinary creativity by sketching a design that Jeff and I could never have imagined even after living in the home for three years. Your design not only fulfills our goal of living in a home with a unique personality, but our goal of living in a home that is functional as well.

Please do not hesitate to use us as a referral. We will gladly tell anyone who asks that you are not only the most talented architect in the city, but also the one that is most enjoyable to work with.

Jeff & Wendy Pressman
Bell Canyon, Los Angeles

Karen and Steve Morlock's Letter

I just had to write to tell you how much we've enjoyed our summer in our new backyard. The outdoor space you helped create has become another "room" in our home, and a favorite place for everyone to hang out and play pool and enjoy the outdoors.

As I'm sure you'll remember, Steve and I had very different ideas for what we needed to create our patio/game room outdoors. I was desperate for shade from the blazing heat and Steve didn't want anything that would cast a big shadow on the pool or block the light into our living room windows. It seemed like nothing could accommodate both needs…..until you came along!!

Your creative thinking and experience with cutting-edge technology designed a patio cover that is beautiful, functional and beyond our high expectations. Your Kalwall solution provided the perfect translucent covering that lets beautiful light through….but cuts most of the heat in summer (and completely protects from the rain in the winter). The structure blends beautifully with our home, pool and garden - enhancing them all!

It was a pleasure to work with you and we will highly recommend your services to our friends and neighbors!! Someday, we hope you'll design our dream home…..wherever that turns out to be!!

With many thanks,
Karen and Steve Morlock
Lafayette, California